God Eater 3 is finally out on Nintendo Switch after having released on PS4 and PC platforms earlier this year. While we have a full Switch review coming next week, we’ve been playing God Eater 3 on Nintendo Switch and are enjoying it a lot. Read why we think the Switch version is the best way to experience Bandai Namco Entertainment’s newest entry in the God Eater franchise here. While this is the third mainline entry, it is still a great entry point for newcomers and this will likely be the first God Eater game for many considering it is the first game in the series on a Nintendo system ever. Here are some tips to make the most of your time while hunting Aragami in God Eater 3 for Nintendo Switch:

God Eater 3 best weapon for newcomers

Biting Edge is the default weapon when you create a character. It is by far the best weapon for newcomers with its high damage output and accessible learning curve. If you find yourself confused, replay some of the first few missions that let you spend time in the open area while just learning basic controls.

How to get rare items in God Eater 3

Each mission will have certain items scattered indicated with white rays of light. These are very useful for upgrading and you should make sure to pick them up when you see them in a mission. It doesn’t hurt to explore looking for some either initially.

God Eater 3 devour mechanic

Holding X lets you transform your weapon to devour aragami for gaining oracle points and burst. Burst is like a buff early on which you can stack three times. Maintaining burst while attacking ensures you get the maximum damage output. Make sure you devour by holding X or by pressing R + X for a quick devour when you’re hunting. It is very important to get used to this because the devour and burst balance will save your skin later on.

God Eater 3 weapon transformation into gun

You can transform your weapon into various kinds of guns and shoot at aragami. God Eater is known for deep bullet customisation and crafting with elementals and more. For now, just remember to use gun form and not play this game just like a hack and slash action game. It is much more and getting the hang of some of these mechanics early on will make you enjoy the game a lot more as it opens up.

God Eater 3 Nintendo Switch best weapon

There are loads of different weapon types with two new to the God Eater franchise that were added in God Eater 3. Biting Edge is a great newcomer friendly weapon but make sure you try out some of the others by replaying early tutorial missions. You might find a new favourite that elevates your God Eater 3 experience on Nintendo Switch like the Heavy Moon which is a ton of fun to use.

God Eater 3 link burst and engage

The engage system fills as you stay close to other characters. You can activate this by pressing ZL and ZR for buffs that are shared between players linked together. It is very useful so make sure you shoot link bursts (after you devour an aragami) and activate engage for a nice boost to abilities and skills while playing God Eater 3 on Nintendo Switch.

God Eater 3 exploiting weaknesses

While you can get by initially by just brute forcing your way with raw damage on aragami, you’re better off learning to pay attention and exploiting weaknesses to take down aragami super quickly. This will pay off later on when you might find yourself at a roadblock unless you manage using enemy weaknesses to your advantage. The mission select screen will usually let you know about this.

Don’t just run but air dash in God Eater 3 on Nintendo Switch

In addition to just walking, you can sprint but the real great addition to God Eater 3 when it comes to movement is air dashing which you can do by pressing ZR and B together. This is useful not only to chase aragami but also because it lets you block with your shield and go into an attack directly while charging into an aragami. Pay attention to your stamina while doing this because overdoing it will result in you running out of stamina and stopping to take a breather for a few seconds leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

Don’t feel overwhelmed in God Eater 3 on Nintendo Switch

God Eater 3 happens to have a fantastic tutorial and tips section. You can even set it to display tips always which will show you tips for things you have already seen each time you open specific menus. This is good if you find yourself overwhelmed and confused at the menus. You can toggle this at any time from the options.

Switch the lock on target option in God Eater 3 on Nintendo Switch

The default hold to lock on setup is pretty bad and using the alternate option of pressing the right stick once is much better for players used to most action gamees. This can be changed in the control options where you can also toggle camera speed.

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