Monster Hunter Rise is finally out worldwide on Nintendo Switch from Capcom. The newest Monster Hunter game brings a lot of new mechanics to the franchise and it is an absolute joy to play. Read my review here. One of the additions is the ability to scan three amiibo daily for the merchant lottery. Here’s what you need to know about scanning amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to enable amiibo scanning in Monster Hunter Rise

You can scan amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise after you have downloaded the Monster Hunter Rise day one patch. Make sure you’ve updated your game and it says version 1.1.1 (assuming you’re playing day one) to enable scanning amiibo.

Where to scan amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise

You can scan amiibo at the merchant in the hub or in Kamura Village. You can enter the amiibo lottery thrice a day.

What amiibo work with Monster Hunter Rise

While the Monster Hunter Rise amiibo pictured below let you unlock layered armor as special rewards, every amiibo I own including those from Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem, Breath of the Wild, and more worked in-game. Even older Monster Hunter amiibo are treated as generic (non special) amiibo to give you rewards.

Monster Hunter Rise amiibo rewards

Go to the merchant in the hub or village and you can enter the lottery thrice a day after you scan amiibo. These get you various items ranging from traps, demondrugs, armorskins, and more. The items you get range from very good to still useful so make sure you scan amiibo daily. Some amiibo give you layered armor like the MH Rise ones others give you lottery items.

Monster Hunter Rise amiibo layered armor

The same merchant in the village or the hub can also let you scan the special Monster Hunter Rise amiibo to unlock the amiibo-exclusive layered armor pictured. 

Monster Hunter Rise is out now on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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