Developer Keizo’s Astlibra Revision is a 2D action RPG with superb gameplay and an amazing narrative from last year. It was Steam Deck Verified following launch with a Switch port confirmed. Over the weekend, developer Keizo released a revised English translation for the game alongside confirming that the porting process for the Switch version is complete. The new Astlibra Revision English localization is available as an update, but players can opt into a beta branch for the old translation as detailed in the news post. If you’ve not played it yet, the game is discounted by 20% for a limited time as well. Watch the trailer below:

Even if you don’t want to buy it, I definitely recommend you to try it out on PC through the free demo if you enjoy 2D action RPGs and great stories. Check out the official website for Astlibra Revision here. I’m looking forward to checking it out on Switch in the future. Hopefully it gets a physical release on Switch as well. Since it is Steam Deck Verified, you can play it there if you’d like. I played it there and loved it. 

Astlibra Revision is out now on PC via Steam. It is coming to Nintendo Switch in the future as confirmed.

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