Following part 1 releasing last week, Bayonetta 3 from PlatinumGames and Nintendo has gotten another developer diary video. The game itself released last year worldwide on Nintendo Switch after its original announcement back in 2017. We featured it as one of our best games of 2022. Read my review of it here. If you’re interested in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, read my review here. The Bayonetta 3 Developer Diary Episode 2 focuses on character designs, 3D models, and more relating to Bayonetta 3. Watch it below:

I’m interested to see what PlatinumGames has in store for the Bayonetta franchise going forward. If you’re curious about it, I’d recommend playing Bayonetta on any current platform and then grabbing Bayonetta 2 and 3 on Nintendo Switch. If Bayonetta Origins looks more up your alley, there’s a free demo that starts out very slow, but opens up nicely. I ended up liking both Bayonetta Origins and Bayonetta 3 more than most fans of the series. I’m also interested to see if we get more DLC or updates for Bayonetta Origins going forward. PlatinumGames confirmed that episode 3 will be out next week. There are four episodes in total.

Bayonetta 3 and Bayonetta Origins are both out now on Nintendo Switch.

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