While Catherine: Full Body is set to release this September in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, a demo has been available in Japan and Asia for a while. This demo included a good slice of the game including some new mechanics and the new opening video. That demo has now been made available in English on PSN. Watch the Catherine: Full Body trailer below:

Update: The demo has gone live on PSN in India (and Europe.) You can check out the demo free on PSN (North America) here and on PSN in India here.. If you missed the news, the Persona 5 DLC for Catherine: Full Body has been confirmed for release in the West.

Catherine: Full Body PS4 demo download size

The demo is available now for free and is a 4.97 GB download for PS4.

Catherine: Full Body releases on September 3 for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. As of now, it is set to release in India digitally. I’ve reached out to SEGA/Atlus’ official distributor e-xpress Interactive about the retail release for India.

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