The second DLC for Code Vein has just started rolling out worldwide on PS4 and Xbox One in the form of the Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC. This is available in Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and more right now and will be available in your region at midnight on both consoles. The PC release will be when Bandai Namco Entertainment releases the DLC worldwide. The Frozen Empress DLC pack follows the Hellfire Knight DLC pack for Code Vein that was revealed in the Code Vein version 1.30 update. Make sure you have updated Code Vein to the version 1.40 update that arrived yesterday for the Frozen Empress DLC.

Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC release date

The release date for the Frozen Empress DLC for Code Vein is February 26 as revealed on the Microsoft Store.

Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC download size

The Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC download size is 661MB on PS4 and 482.9MB on Xbox One.

Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC contents

The Frozen Empress DLC has new powerful enemies. The DLC also includes new weapons, Blood Veils, and blood codes with alternate costumes for your partners obtainable in the new areas in the Depths.

Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC price

The Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC is priced at $9.99 in USA and Rs. 832 in India on Xbox One. It is included in the Code Vein Deluxe Edition and the Code Vein Season Pass.

Code Vein is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Read our review of it here.

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