Tower defense action game Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness from Ancient is finally available now in the West following its release in Japan a few years ago. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness quite a bit, but wanted to try out the DLC and online before doing a full review. Expect a full review soon. Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness for Nintendo Switch localization has been handled by publisher 8-4. Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness also has music composed by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro and it is getting a physical release through Limited Run Games. Watch the launch trailer below:

Gotta Protectors Nintendo Switch DLC and price

Check out the DLC details here on the eShop with pricing. There is a discounted bundle for the game and DLC as well at $24.99 with the base game being $14.99 only which is a lot lower than the Japanese price for the game and DLC.

Check out the official website here.

Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness is out now on Nintendo Switch worldwide. I’ll have a review of it soon.

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