Originally revealed back in 2019, Humanity from Tetris Effect developer Enhance Games was confirmed to release in May for PS5, PS4, and Steam with optional VR support. Today, the action puzzler featuring more than 90 story mode levels, boss battles, a stage creator, user made stages, and more has been confirmed to release on May 16 worldwide for PS5, PS4, and PC platforms. It is playable with or without VR. It will also be included in PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue, which means PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium members can play it day one at no additional cost. Watch the Humanity release date reveal trailer below:

Humanity gameplay video

Enhance recently showcased a gameplay overview video for the game. Watch it below:

Humanity PS5 and PS4 physical release

As of now no physical release has been announced. Hopefully Enhance does a PS5 physical for Humanity alongside the new PS5 versions of Rez and Tetris Effect after the Humanity release date since it likely won’t get one by then.

The demo was great on PS5, but I’m still undecided on platform for Humanity. I might end up playing it on Steam Deck if it runs well there.

Humanity releases on May 16 for PS5, PS4, and Steam with VR support. Check it out on Steam here.

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