At the recently-aired Level 5 Vision 2023 showcase, the developer and publisher had quite a few announcements and reveals. These include updates on recently-revealed games, new game announcements, platforms, and more. All the games shown will release in the West, which is the highlight of the event given Level 5’s track record in recent years. The games and reveals are below:

Megaton Musashi: Wired coming to PS5, PS4, Steam, and Switch in the West

The mech action RPG is getting a 2023 worldwide release on PS5, PS4, Switch, and newly-announced for Steam. This version is a new release of the existing game with added content and crossplay. Check out the official English website here and the trailer below:

Decapolice gets two trailers, coming worldwide to PS5, PS4, and Switch

The crime suspense game is due this year. Watch the two trailers below and check out the official English website here:

Fantasy Life i gets a new trailer ahead of its 2023 launch on Switch worldwide

The original Fantasy Life is my most-played game on 3DS, and I’m very excited to play Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time. Watch the Fantasy Life i Level 5 Vision 2023 trailer below and check out the official English website here:

Professor Layton and the New World of Steam gets a new trailer

Revealed during the recent Nintendo Direct, the latest Layton game gets a new trailer. Watch it below and check out the English website here:

Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road releases globally this year on iOS, Android, PS4, and Switch

The newest Inazuma Eleven is out this year globally on mobile and consoles. Check out the trailer from Level 5 Vision 2023 below and the English website here:

Hopefully Yokai Watch 4 eventually makes it over as well. As of now, the showcase was very good for Level 5 fans outside Japan, which is rare to see. The Level 5 Vision 2023 announcements were almost all excellent.

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