Xseed Games previously announced that it is bringing the time-travel RPG Loop8 to the West as Loop8: Summer of Gods for all consoles and PC via Steam. The release in the West outside North America on console will be handled by Marvelous Europe. Loop8 will also feature English voices alongside the Japanese audio track in the West as an option. Today, Xseed Games released the first Loop8: Summer of Gods English gameplay trailer. Watch the it below:

oop8: Summer of Gods Celestial Edition pre-order

The Loop8: Summer of Gods Celestial Edition is available to pre-order for $69.99 and the standard edition will be priced at $49.99. This will be available at the Xseed Games store and other retailers.

Loop8: Summer of Gods Celestial Edition pre-order

The Celestial Edition for Loop8: Summer of Gods includes a 5.25” by 7.25” softcover ‘Ashihara Town Guide’ containing over 50 pages of artwork and information from the game, a musical selections CD with select songs from the soundtrack, a 7” by 10.5” mini wall scroll, and an authentic 4” by 3.15” Japanese wooden ema as an offering for the in-game Ashihara Shrine, all packaged with the game in a custom box.

Loop8: Summer of Gods physical release 

A physical release is planned for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch at $49.99.

Loop8: Summer of Gods English gameplay screenshots

Check out the screenshots below:

Loop8: Summer of Gods is in development for a 2023 release in the West on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

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