At Judgment Day, Sega announced Lost Judgment for PS5, PS4, and, Xbox Series X|S with a simultaneous worldwide release date. Judgment debuted back in 2019 on PS4 in the West and recently arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Read my review of Judgment remastered for PS5 here. If you missed out the recent theme song news, read this. Today, Sega released a new Lost Judgment gameplay trailer showcasing mini-games, investigative actions, and more. Watch the Lost Judgment Detective’s Toolkit trailer below:

Lost Judgment Digital Deluxe Edition

This is priced at $69.99 or Rs. 4,399. It includes the following:

  • Early Access starting September 21 
  • Quick Start Support Pack
  • Detective Essentials Pack – Enhance Yagami’s tools of the trade with a wide variety of lifestyle and detective items.
  • School Stories Expansion Pack – Deepen your interactions with the school’s clubs with a set of items for each club activity.

Lost Judgment Digital Ultimate Edition

This is priced at $89.99 or Rs. 5,999. It includes the following:

  • Early Access starting September 21 
  • Quick Start Support Pack
  • Detective Essentials Pack 
  • School Stories Expansion Pack 
  • Story Expansion Pack - Introduces a new story set in Kamurocho and  Ijincho.

Lost Judgment pre-order bonus

As of now, all digital pre-orders include the Quick Start Support Pack. This is a pack of useful items to kickstart your investigation.

Lost Judgment PS4 upgrade to PS5

Lost Judgment on PS4 can be upgraded to the PS5 version for free. 

Lost Judgment Xbox Smart Delivery

Lost Judgment supports Xbox Smart Deliver on Xbox platforms.

Lost Judgment India release date

Lost Judgment releases globally on September 24 including India. The Digital Deluxe Edition arrives three days earlier on September 21 as revealed for Japan.

Lost Judgment India price and pre-order

Lost Judgment can be pre-ordered here for Rs. 3,499 on PS5, PS4, and Xbox.

Lost Judgment dual audio

The trailer confirms and English dub option for Lost Judgment.

Lost Judgment for PC

As of now, Lost Judgment releases on PS5, PS4, and Xbox platforms. A PC release hasn’t been announced.

Check out the official English website here and Japanese website here

Lost Judgment will release on September 24 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PS4.

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