Idea Factory International previously announced a localisation of  Go! Go! 5 Jigen Game Neptune: reVerse as Neptunia ReVerse. Neptunia ReVerse is an enhanced release of Hyperdimension Neptuna Re:Birth 1 that debuted on PS Vita. It releases in the West this June on PS5 as revealed at New Game Plus Expo 2021. For PS5, there are new gameplay additions like a fishing mini-game. Watch the Neptunia ReVerse PS5 English trailer below:

Neptunia ReVerse dual audio 

Neptunia ReVerse includes both Japanese and English voice options with only English subtitle options on PS5.

Neptunia ReVerse PS5 physical release

Neptunia ReVerse is getting a PS5 physical release in North America and Europe. Check it out on the Idea Factory International store here.

Neptunia ReVerse Steam version

As of now, Neptunia ReVerse is only announced for PS5 in the West but Idea Factory International will likely bring it to Steam eventually as has been the case with every other release.

Check out the official website here

Neptunia ReVerse releases on June 8 in North America and June 11 in Europe.

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