With the second Monster Hunter Digital Event featuring Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 coming next week, Capcom has slowly been revealing more informatin about the game. Capcom even confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC early next year. While the Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch release date is set for March 26, pre-orders for India hadn’t gone live until today. Retailer MCube Games has listed Monster Hunter Rise with a tentative release date of April 1 for India. The retailer confirmed to IGN India that these are its own imports and that they will be Region 1 (USA eShop) units. If the game includes any pre-order DLC in the box, you will need a USA region eShop account to claim the codes. Watch the latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer below:

Monster Hunter Rise India price and pre-order

Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch can be pre-ordered here for Rs. 4,999. If you were to buy it digitally on the eShop in North America, it would cost you around Rs. 4,372 converted ($59.99). The MCube Games price is in line with the UK eShop price of 49.99 GBP which is around Rs. 5,053 converted.

Ahead of the Monster Hunter Rise release date in March 2021, I recently spoke to Yasunori Ichinose at Capcom about Monster Hunter Rise’s returning monsters and more. Read the full interview here. I also spoke to Ryozo Tsujimoto about Monster Hunter Stories 2 and how it can be enjoyed by newcomers. Read that interview here.

Will Monster Hunter Rise have crossplay between PC and Nintendo Switch?

The biggest question for Monster Hunter fans who play on PC and console is whether crossplay is possible. While Monster Hunter World didn’t have crossplay, since Monster Hunter Rise is on PC and Nintendo Switch by 2022, hopefully crossplay or cross progression are possible.

Monster Hunter Rise PC release date

As of now, Monster Hunter Rise is in development for PC and set for early 2022. A release date will likely be announced later in the year. The official Monster Hunter Rise websitehas revealed an early 2022 release window for Monster Hunter Rise on Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise all weapon gameplay videos with new moves

Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch and early 2022 for PC.

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