The Nintendo Switch Online service for Nintendo’s hybrid console may get SNES games. According to an FCC filing from Nintendo unearthed by members of popular gaming forum ResetEra, the firm plans to release a new wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch that’s shaped like a SNES controller. When you consider that the company has said in the past that they would like to expand the offerings on the Nintendo Switch Online service to go beyond NES games and that they launched the service with NES wireless controllers that were available for pre-order, it’s safe to say we should see the SNES be the next console whose games find their way to the service.

Previously, Nintendo announced that Nintendo Switch sales have hit 36.87 million since launching back in March 2017. The latest quarter saw the Kyoto-based company sell 2.13 million Nintendo Switch consoles and has projected that the device would sell 18 million units over the course of the financial year. Game sales stand at 22.62 million units this quarter with a projected 125 million to be sold by the end of the financial year. Interestingly, digital game sales only make up 38.3 percent of the overall Nintendo Switch software pie indicating that physical media is still the choice of many Switch owners.

That said, the projection of 18 million units by the end of the financial year isn’t without merit. Reason being, the company has the Nintendo Switch Lite on the way. It’s a handheld-only version of the Nintendo Switch with a smaller screen and non-detachable Joy-Cons. A new and improved variant of the existing Nintendo Switch has begun gracing store shelves. It promises better battery life though there are no performance gains.

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