Persona 4 Golden from Atlus released on Steam this weekend after originally releasing eight years ago on PS Vita. While the game has been doing very well on Steam and has had more concurrent players than games like Final Fantasy XV, a lot of players are reporting problems with the game’s cut-scenes. I’ve been playing Persona 4 Golden on Steam on my laptop and while the game itself runs almost flawlessly, the opening video and other cut-scenes have noticeable freezing and stutter. Many users in the official bug reporting thread on Steam and on gaming forum ResetEra are also posting about trouble with cut-scenes. Watch the PC launch trailer for Persona 4 Golden below:

Persona 4 Golden PC cut-scene lag – how to fix

Some reports claim that forcing the game to run at 30fps through the GPU control panel seems to help. This might fix the problem but it still limits the rest of the game which is not what most people want in a PC port of an older console game. Running in borderless windowed mode with v-sync on seems to fix the problem for some and it worked in my case for a bit, but the lag was back when I booted up the game a few hours later.

Some have been speculating that this is because of the use of Denuvo anti-tamper DRM which Sega uses in most of its games on PC. Certain games like Yakuza 0 were patched to remove Denuvo so that might also happen here in the future. Until then, hopefully Atlus fixes this.

While many PS4 games have been ported to PC with varying results, a PS Vita game being ported to PC is always interesting. Persona 4 Golden isn’t a direct port and a lot of changes have been made to make it look and run well on modern hardware. Stay tuned for my full review of the PC version.

Persona 4 Golden is now available on PC via Steam and PS Vita.

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