While Sony is yet to officially confirm a PS5 release date for India, that hasn’t stopped the company from updating its own website with a November 19 release date for the PS5 for India. Multiple readers of The Mako Reactor reached out to us about it and we’ve verified that the official India PlayStation website home page sports a November 19, 2020 release date for the PS5. No price has been mentioned for either variant. We have reached out to Sony for comment and will update this story when we hear from the company.

If true, it would mean that Sony has ironed out its trade mark issues as well as BIS concerns. Our sources in retail have confirmed that Sony has not informed them of an India release date or price just yet. This may be an error on the company’s part. Previously Sony had told us a date was yet to be announced. We’ve included a screenshot of the home page below as it was when we initially published this story at 5:31pm IST on October 15, 2020. Right now (at 7:22pm IST) it appears to have been removed.

During the PS5 Showcase last month, Sony stated the PS5 release date would be November 12 in US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The rest of the world gets it on November 19. Though Sony has stated that “availability in each region subject to local import regulations”.

Where to buy the PS5 in India

  • Games The Shop: the specialist retailer has the PS5 listed for pre-order registration. Considering its parent company E-xpress works with Sony in terms of distributing and selling digital codes for the PS Store and PS Plus, it’s a safe bet that it would have stock in time for launch.
  • Amazon India: the e-commerce giant has always had a decent foothold in the games space in India in terms of volumes and scale. Outside of its Xbox One launch, the company has never really delivered on day one deliveries for games. Most notoriously with FIFA 16, 17, and 18 all being delayed. Perhaps it would fare better with the PS5.
  • Flipkart: the Walmart-owned company was one of the earliest proponents of online sales. However it hasn’t been as aggressive as it used to be (which is a good thing when you consider how mismanaged past efforts have been). Hopefully it handles the PS5 launch efficiently.
  • ShopAtSC.com: SC is short for Sony Center, which is Sony’s retail chain with a huge offline presence. Going online is a smart move if Sony decide to leverage its Sony Centers for delivery making it a strong option for PS5 pre-orders. Interestingly, it’s the only site with full PS5 specifications which is probably accurate considering well, it’s an online Sony Center.
  • Croma: the large format Indian consumer electronics retailer has put up its PS5 listingthis week. Absent from selling video games for most of the generation in any meaningful way, the reasons for this turnaround are unknown but its presence is welcome all the same.
  • Reliance Digital: much like Croma, Reliance Digital hasn’t been too active in the video games space during the PS4  era. However it has the biggest footprint compared to the rest and has the PS5 listed too. Perhaps a way for Sony to broad-base PS5 pre-orders by reaching new audiences? We’ll probably know soon enough.

When will PS5 pre-orders begin in India?

It’s quite likely that pre-order registrations exist to judge if audiences are interested in the console before its price has been revealed and pre-orders can begin in earnest. Those we spoke to both on Sony’s approved list of PS5 sellers and off it had told us the same thing: they’re optimistic of the PS5 making it here as per the “late 2020” release window but have not been informed by Sony of any new developments just yet.

Update at 7:22pm IST on October 15, 2020: story edited to reflect that the PS5 release date has been removed.

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