Grasshopper Manufacture just announced Shadows of the Damned Remaster in development during the Devolver Direct with more information coming at a Grasshopper Direct showcase next week. Shadows of the Damned debuted in June 2011. In Shadows of the Damned, you play as Garcia, a hard-as-nails motorcycle-riding professional demon hunter, who explores the netherworld looking for his true love. More details about the remaster will be revealed during the Grasshopper Direct next week. Watch the Shadows of the Damned Remaster and Grasshopper Direct announcement trailer below:

Shadows of the Damned Remaster platforms

As of now, no platforms have been announced for the Shadows of the Damned Remaster. I expect it to hit PC and consoles though. Which consoles is another question.

Shadows of the Damned Remaster gameplay screenshots

Only one screenshot has been released. It is below:

Shadows of the Damned Remaster announced, Grasshopper Direct revealed for next week with announcements and updates from Suda51.

Grasshopper Direct Livestream – How To Watch

You can watch the livestream on the official Grasshopper YouTube channel here.

I’m interested to see if this will hit PC and consoles, or just be on PC like Killer7 is right now. If you own the game on Xbox 360, it is playable via backward compatibility, but was delisted a little while ago for new purchases. That was likely done because of this remaster happening. If anything changes, I’ll post about it.

Shadows of the Damned Remaster is in development at Grasshopper Manufacture for unannounced platforms.

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