During the Nintendo Direct, Xseed Games announced Silent Hope. Silent Hope is a new action RPG set in the world of Rune Factory. It will be published by Marvelous in Japan and Marvelous Europe in the West outside North America. The action RPG launches on October 3, and Xseed Games today showcased the seven playable characters’ fighting styles in a new Silent Hope trailer. Silent Hope will also be playable in the XSEED Games booth at PAX West from September 1 to 4. Watch the trailer below:

Silent Hope Limited Edition pre-order

The Silent Hope Limited Edition, titled the Day 1 Edition for Nintendo Switch is priced at $49.99. It includes an artbook and soundtrack. It will be sold at the Xseed Store and other retailers. The base game is priced at $39.99 for PC and Switch digitally.

silent hope day 1 edition limited physical

Silent Hope gameplay screenshots

Silent Hope features

Xseed Games revealed the following features:

  • Seven Heroes, Seven Unique Fighting Styles – Choose from a motley crew of characters like the well-rounded Wanderer, long-range specialist Archer, or heavy-hitting Warrior to find whose skills suit your playstyle, and embrace new roles and abilities as you gain more experience.
  • A Home at the Edge of the World – Find new recipes and materials and return to your Base Camp at the edge of The Abyss, where each character has a unique job. From alchemist to blacksmith to cook, each hero brings something different.
  • Engaging Exploration and Dungeon-Crawling – Experience a new layout each time you enter the enigmatic Abyss, keeping you on your toes every moment. Stay on the lookout for Memory Rifts, where greater rewards and challenges await.
  • A Vibrant Storybook Aesthetic – With its mournful princess, spellbound kingdom, and everyday heroes, it feels like a fairy tale come to life – right down to the mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the visually stunning underworld.

Check out the official world guide feature on the game’s website here.

Silent Hope launches on October 3 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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