Originally announced back in February last yearSplatoon 3 previously got a new story trailer and gameplay details revealed. Splatoon 3 is full-fledged sequel to Splatoon 2 set in the City of Chaos. It includes new weapons like the bow, additional customization options, new movement abilities, and more. Today, Nintendo announced the Splatoon 3 release date. It launches this September (taking Xenoblade Chronicle 3’s original release month before it was brought forward to July). Watch the Splatoon 3 release date trailer with new Turf War gameplay below:

Splatoon 3 eShop page reveals the download size for Nintendo Switch

The Splatoon 3 download size is listed as 6GB on the eShop.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC now available to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers for free

If you’re subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, you can grab the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion at no additional cost.

Splatoon 3 save data cloud backup on Nintendo Switch

The eshop page lists: “Save Data Cloud compatible with offline play data only.” This is an improvement over Splatoon 2, but I hope Nintendo stores the other online data on its own server or something to prevent people losing data.

Splatoon 3 releases on September 9 for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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