Tales of Arise is out now worldwide for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via Steam as the newest mainline game in the beloved Tales of series. If you’ve not gotten it yet, read this for all the editions, DLC, and more. Today, the Tales of Arise gets the Sword Art Online collaboration DLC and a free difficulty pack adding harder and easier difficulty options. Previously Tales of Arise 1.03 update was released. Read about it here. Watch the trailer for the Tales of Arise SAO Collaboration DLC below:

Tales of Arise SAO collaboration DLC pack price

The Tales of Arise Sword Art Online collaboration DLC is priced at $15.99 in USA and Rs. 1,349 in India. Check it out here on the PS Store, here on the Microsoft Store, and here on Steam.

Tales of Arise SAO collaboration DLC pack contents:

  • Alphen: Costume (Black Swordsman’s Coat), Hairstyle (Black Swordsman’s Hair)
  • Shionne: Costume (Goddess Attire), Hairstyle (Noble Ponytail)
  • Law: Costume (Trainee Uniform), Hairstyle (Ashen Trainee Hair)
  • Centoria Trainee Fight: The Centoria Trainee Fight is available at the Training Grounds.

Tales of Arise Additional Difficulty Pack free download available now

The Tales of Arise Additional Difficulty Pack is available for free. Check it out here on the Microsoft Store and here on the PS Store. It should go up on Steam soon. It includes Artifacts, Unknown Difficulty Level, and the Very Easy Difficulty Level.

Tales of Arise version 1.04

As of now, an update hasn’t gone live for these DLC packs and they are available to use in-game after purchasing or claiming them from the respective storefronts.

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Tales of Arise version 1.03 update patch notes

Fixed issues occurring after certain battles.

Tales of Arise version 1.02 update patch notes

Improved stability.

Tales of Arise version 1.01 update patch notes

  • Improved some visuals
  • Improved stability

Tales of Arise releases is out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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