The highlight of Limited Run Games’ LRG3 showcase was definitely the return of Tomba. An enhanced version of Tomba is coming to PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Limited Run Games. This will be the first official new release not counting the PS1 classic since 1998. This new version of Tomba will also have a new soundtrack from Fujita Harumi with Limited Run Games working alongside Tokuro Fujiawara on this release. Watch the Tomba Physical Release and game announcement from LRG3 below:

Tomba physical release from Limited Run Games

Tomba will be getting released physically with more information to come in the future.

Tomba is a game I was hoping to see released by Sony on PS5 and PS4 through its PS1 classics lineup. I’ve owned Tomba on PS Vita and PS3 digitally since I got my PS Vita years ago. It is an incredible experience. I’m curious about the new soundtrack and what enhancements will be added by Limited Run Games. Hopefully we get an option to play with the original soundtrack as well. I’ll be getting this one physically for sure.

Tomba is in development for release on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Limited Run Games.

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