Koei Tecmo America’s official website for Touken Ranbu Warriors previously only listed a digital standard and digital deluxe edition for pre-order ahead of the game’s release date for Nintendo Switch. It was edited to confirm that North America will be getting a physical release in the West. The Koei Tecmo Europe website still lists it as a digital-only title. Touken Ranbu Warriors is based on the Touken Ranbu series and it features 15 characters from Touken Ranbu Online. The Touken Ranbu Warriors English physical release for Nintendo Switch is already available to pre-order at retailers like Amazon, Target, GameStop, and more in USA with some listings having been up since November. The official box art has been finalized with the confirmed ESRB rating now. Watch the Touken Ranbu Warriors gameplay trailer below:

Touken Ranbu Warriors Nintendo Switch English physical release

The official website here confirms the Touken Ranbu Warriors English physical release for North America. You can pre-order it now at various retailers. Check out the box art below:

Touken Ranbu Warriors Digital Deluxe Edition price and contents

This edition includes special DLC packs including “Honmaru Backdrop”, which lets you change the season of the honmaru; the “Additional Music” DLC, which includes five additional music pieces from Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- specially arranged for this title; and the “Uchiban Outfit” 16 piece set, which allows you to change the outfits of the Touken Danshi. All DLC will also be available separately for purchase on May 24. The Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at $109.99.

Touken Ranbu Warriors download size

The Touken Ranbu Warriors download size is 12.4GB on the eShop.

With today’s new trailer and digital pre-orders, the English website has also been update with new system information. Check out the official website here. The Touken Ranbu Warriors Digital Deluxe Edition DLC will also be sold separately with it being listed on the eShop already.

Touken Ranbu Warriors releases on May 24, 2022 for Nintendo Switch in the West.

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