Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, one of our picks for the best soundtracks of 2021, just got a major update on PC in the form of Ys IX version 1.1.2. This update adds a brand new co-op mode on Steam, support for 16:10 aspect ratios for the Steam Deck, and much more. The update has just rolled out now. Watch the Ys IX co-op update trailer below (note that it has spoilers):

Ys IX version 1.1.2 update patch notes for January 2022

New Features

  • Local co-op support
  • Support for narrow aspect ratios
  • The “Equip Screen Supersampling” graphics setting now also applies to the “Ritual Relics” screen

Fixes and Improvements

  • Make sure that traps behave functionally the same at high framerates (>>60 FPS) as they do at the default framerate
  • Fix timing of fades after video playback before Grimwald battles
  • Fix spikes at Dry Moat Ruins boss not being shown with some settings
  • Fix crash on startup when no audio devices are available
  • Fix UI animation speed of Grimwald result screen at high FPS
  • Fix a long-standing bug causing NPCs to get stuck on some ceilings after wall run
  • Fix some English spelling issues

It is worth noting that the co-op here is not the same as the Ys VIII implementation as explained on the blog post linked above.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is out now on PS4, Switch, and PC platforms worldwide.

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