Little Town Hero from Game Freak debuted on Nintendo Switch a little while ago. The RPG blended in different mechanics and had a great combat system. Read my review of the Nintendo Switch version here. NIS America announced a physical release for both Nintendo Switch and the upcoming PS4 version recently and a Steam listing today confirms a PC version of the game. Little Town Hero’s physical release is planned for release beginning later this month on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The Steam page confirms a PC version. Hopefully the PC version runs better than the Nintendo Switch version which still hasn’t had the performance and loading issues fixed. Watch the trailer below:

Little Town Hero PC price

Little Town Hero is priced at $24.99 on Nintendo Switch digitally. The PC version will likely cost the same. Regional pricing details are unavailable because this is Game Freak’s first self-published game on Steam.

Little Town Hero releases on June 29 for PC via Steam. It is available now on Nintendo Switch and arrives on PS4 beginning next week.