Game Details
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Available on PS4 · Nintendo Switch · PC · iOS · Android
Reviewed on Nintendo Switch
Release Date April 19, 2023

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series finally hit PlayStation and Switch last week following its debut on PC and mobile platforms. This series brings the first six main Final Fantasy games to Nintendo Switch and PS4 for the first time with a plethora of improvements and upgrades over the existing versions. While I already covered some of these in my comparison feature last week, I also wanted to highlight why the individual console versions are worth getting, even as someone who bought all the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster releases on iOS and Steam before. My Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch review will cover how the games feel on Switch, which one you should start with if you’re new to the series, and also what I hope can be addressed in potential patches.

When the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters were originally announced, I was hoping we’d eventually see them on Nintendo Switch because that meant we would have a version that could be played on TV and on the go with a potential physical release. While the physical release is either sold out or only available in Asia, the day one experience for potential Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series owners on Nintendo Switch is a lot better than I expected. It isn’t perfect, but Square Enix has worked on making these classics more playable than ever before for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch release.

The standout features are the new classic pixel font, the original soundtrack option, various boosts, quality of life features, and also fixes to some aspects of each game. If you’ve already played these games on mobile or PC, the core games are still the same, with some of the same issues unfortunately, but Square Enix has added enough to make both the PS4 and Switch versions the current definitive versions of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series.

The boosts in particular are amazing for not only new players with added accessibility, but also as a way to provide veteran fans some challenge options. You can even turn the multipliers in the boosts to 0 that basically caps your level. You also have the ability to disable and enable encounters.

Should you buy the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on Switch or PS5?

Before getting to the console differences which I already covered in my comparison, in its current state I’d definitely recommend both console versions over the standard PC and mobile releases of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. The new features and options make it a much better experience out of the box. Until these potentially hit the PC and mobile versions, I will be recommending the PS4 and Switch versions for those who are yet to buy a game in this remaster series on any platform.

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If you value portability above everything and can tolerate the scrolling and judder issues, the Switch version is easily the way to go. It looks excellent docked and handheld, and the colors really shine on the OLED screen as you’d expect. If you don’t care about portability, the PS4 version on PS5 is the best experience right now with its improved load times and lack of judder. It still has the scrolling issues which are all on platforms, but there aren’t additional performance issues like there are on Switch and when the mobile version is played on older hardware.

Which Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster to buy on Nintendo Switch?

If you aren’t ready to commit to spending $75 on the full bundle and would like to just try a single game, I’d recommend starting with either IV or VI if you’d prefer a story focused experience. If you just want to see if the games look and run well enough for yourself, the first Final Fantasy is the cheapest way to do so. Note that the Switch version does not let you purchase the remaining games at a discounted price if you only buy one like you can on iOS.

Final Fantasy IV is my favorite game in the series, but the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster releases of III and VI are excellent. I dislike the Nintendo DS remakes of both III and IV which were brought to PC and mobile, so having what I consider the proper version now playable on modern systems is great. Out of the games I had played before, the boosts have helped me get through many sections quicker. I love it when developers add cheats like this to older games.

In potential future patches, I’d like to see Square Enix improve the pixel font used so it is larger. Right now, it is a huge improvement over the ugly modern font, but it needs to be a bit larger. Barring the font, the scrolling is my major complaint with the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series on all platforms. The Nintendo Switch version suffers from some additional frame pacing issues as well. Hopefully these can all be addressed.

Despite the technical issues, this Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster bundle on Nintendo Switch is a great way to experience these classics. The new font, soundtrack options, and boosts in addition to many other smaller improvements make it well worth getting even in its current state. If you can get used to the scrolling issues, you likely will have a blast with the games, and I’d definitely recommend trying out both soundtrack options.

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Switch port review: This Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch review focuses on the Nintendo Switch version of Square Enix’s newest collection bringing the first six entries to modern platforms. You can also read our PS5 review here and platform comparison here.