Cave and City Connection announced ports of Deathsmiles at TGS 2019. At TGS 2020, a Deathsmiles collection has been revealed titled Deathsmiles I II. Deathsmiles I II is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 in 2021. This collection brings multiple versions of the Deathsmiles games to PS4 and Nintendo Switch including the arcade releases. Watch the trailer for the collection below:

Deathsmiles I II collection games list

Here’s the list of games via Gematsu:

  • Deathsmiles
    • Arcade
    • Version 1.1
    • Normal
  • Deathsmiles Mega Black Label
    • Arcade
    • Version 1.1
    • Normal
  • Deathsmiles II
    • Arcade
    • Deathsmiles IIX
    • Arrange
  • New Functions

Deathsmiles I II Nintendo Switch physical release

As of now, no details are available for a physical release. It is likely the collection gets a physical release even when it does get the eventual international release. Check out the official website here.

Deathsmiles I II releases in 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Updated on September 26 at 1:39pm with new information and trailer confirming Xbox One release.

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