At the Monster Hunter Digital Event featuring Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom announced that the Monster Hunter Rise demo will be returning as Monster Hunter Rise demo version 2 and it has just gone live on the eShop worldwide. Those who already downloaded the demo can update it now to get the Monster Hunter Rise demo version 2 after a 200MB update download. This demo includes all the content from the prior demo and a new Magnamalo quest. Monster Hunter Rise will get free updates with new monsters and content after launch. Monster Hunter Rise will get its first free title update in April 2021 featuring Chameleos and more. I recently spoke to Yasunori Ichinose at Capcom about Monster Hunter Rise’s returning monsters and more. Read the full interview here. Watch the new Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo demo trailer below:

Monster Hunter Rise demo version 2 download links

You can download the Monster Hunter Rise demo version 2 on the eShop here in North America and here in Europe.

Monster Hunter Rise demo contents

The Monster Hunter Rise demo includes four quest types. Beginner quest (Great Izuchi), Wyvern riding training quest, basic training quest (wirebug), and an Intermediate quest against Mizutsune. There is a new quest to hunt a Magnamalo which is an advanced difficulty quest. The quests that support multiplayer are available for local wireless and online multiplayer. All weapons will be included.

Monster Hunter Rise demo save data transfer

Save data transfer from the Monster Hunter Rise demo is not possible.

Monster Hunter Rise demo version 2 download size

The Monster Hunter Rise demo download size is 1.6GB as confirmed by Capcom. Once you update it to Monster Hunter Rise demo version 2, the download size is 1.8GB which is also the download size for anyone who directly downloads the new demo having not tried the earlier one.

Monster Hunter Rise demo bonus for full game

If you play the demo and have save data in the demo when you launch the full game on the Monster Hunter Rise release date, you can unlock an item pack titled the Monster Hunter Rise Item Pack Demo Player Bonus with the following:

  • 20 Mega Potions
  • 5 Pitfall Traps
  • 10 Energy Drinks
  • 5 Mega Demondrugs
  • 5 Mega Armorskins

Monster Hunter Rise demo playtime limit

The playtime limit has been reset for this demo so you can attempt the non tutorial quests a total of 30 times. After this, all quests including the training ones will no longer be available.

Monster Hunter Rise all weapon gameplay videos with new moves

Monster Hunter Rise releases worldwide on March 26 for Nintendo Switch. It will launch on PC via Steam in 2022.

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