Persona 4 Golden from Atlus arrived on Steam recently. Check out my review of the PC port of one of Atlus’ best games here. Persona 4 Golden on Steam had some issues holding it back from being perfect including cut-scene lag and crashes in some situations. Today, Atlus has pushed out the first major update since launch with fixes for cut-scene lag, crashes, and more in Persona 4 Golden version 1.1 update on Steam. This is a 4.1GB download and it includes a lower quality option for cut-scenes to fix stutter on older devices in addition to more changes detailed below in the patch notes. Watch the trailer below:

Persona 4 Golden PC patch notes version 1.1

  •  Fixes to video quizzes
  • Fixes to cutscene playback, including a lower playback mode for smoother play on older machines.
  • Soft locks occurring around Personamations
  • Random crashes reported
  • Crashes related to removing Xbox One controllers
  • A hang issue that occurs during Midnight Trivia Quiz
  • Blank items in inventory causing crashes and freezes.
  • Please note that if you are experiencing this issue, your old saves will retain the blank item, so it is suggested that you generate new saves and avoid old saves with blank items.
  • An audio issue related the audio setting during Yosuke’s Calvary Attack.
  • A progression issue that occurs when entering Yukiko’s castle.
  • Addresses a known issue where Quest 3 could not be completed by some players.
  • Optimized cutscene movies for better playback that was causing stuttering.
  • When using high resolution monitors, resolved an issue where the Windows 10 resolution scaling was being applied.
  • Fixed a freeze issue when equipping a blank item in “Equip > Clothes”.
  • If you have a blank item in the Clothes menu, please be sure to remove it as these blank items can be still in your currently saved game data. Equipping blank items can trigger various freeze issues in other locations.
  • Resolved a soft lock that could occur after an All-Out-Attack.

It is good to see Atlus finally release a patch for Persona 4 Golden on PC to address these issues. I was afraid the port might end up like Nier Automata on PC which is yet to receive a patch to fix the major issues. Hopefully this fixes the cut-scene lag for all players because that was my major complaint with the port.

Persona 4 Golden is now available on PS Vita and PC via Steam.

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