With the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, Nintendo brought in a wealth of additions including Redd who sells you works of art. Redd can sell genuine and fake works of art and it is your job to identify genuine ones so that you can donate it to Blathers in the museum. This guide will help you unlock the art exhibit in the museum and identify genuine works of art from the fakes when Redd is selling them in his trawler on your island.

How to unlock the art gallery in the museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To do this, you need to talk to Redd who visits your island and hangs around the resident services building. Once you buy a work of art (usually a painting initially) from him, you need to go to the museum and talk to Blathers. Once you donate the painting, Blathers will tell you the museum is going to be upgraded to add a new exhibit. This will have the museum shut for one day before it reopens with the art exhibit. This is the first step to completing your art collection in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Where to buy works of art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You can buy works of art from Redd’s trawler. This is located at the secret beach on the top of the map usually. You need a ladder to access this or can build and incline like I did to make it easier. Redd shows up here once you’ve donated the first piece of art and the museum has been upgraded. He shows up every few days just like any traveler who visits the island. You can only buy one work of art a day. You can’t even visit someone else’s island to buy something there if you’ve already ordered something from Redd at your own island so making sure you get something genuine is always good.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons full art list and how to spot fakes

Before you buy anything from Redd, check the list below to make sure you buy a genuine work of art. The list below also indicates when something is always genuine (no fake) and how to spot a fake for the ones that have fakes.

  • Academic Painting : The fake version has coffee stains in the top right which are not there on the genuine version.
  • Amazing Painting : The hat is missing in the fake. The genuine one has the person near the front on the left wearing a hat.
  • Ancient Statue : The fake version has two antennas coming out of the head of the statue. The real one doesn’t have these.
  • Basic Painting : The real one has the boy with short hair versus the fake that has long hair for the boy.
  • Beautiful Statue : The fake one has the woman wearing a necklace while the genuine one does not.
  • Calm Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Common Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Detailed Painting : The real one has a signature on the left and blue flowers. The signature is missing in the fake and the flowers are purple in the fake one.
  • Dynamic Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Familiar Statue (Always Genuine)
  • Famous Painting : The woman in the painting has eyebrows in the fake version.
  • Flowery Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Gallant Statue : The man is holding a book in the fake while not holding anything in the genuine one.
  • Glowing Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Graceful Painting : For this, the genuine one has a white tag near the shoulder or hair of the woman and she is looking towards the right. The fake has no tag usually and the woman is looking in the wrong direction.
  • Great Statue (Always Genuine)
  • Informative Statue : The genuine one is black and the fake is blue.
  • Jolly Painting : The genuine has a sprout on the chest while the fake lacks this.
  • Moody Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Motherly Statue : The fake has the wolf sticking out its tongue.
  • Moving Painting : The genuine one has a tree on the right while the fake has falling flowers.
  • Mysterious Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Mystic Statue : The fake has the woman wearing an earring while the genuine one has no earrings.
  • Nice Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Perfect Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Proper Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Quaint Painting : This is a bit hard to tell because the genuine one has the woman pouring little milk while the fake has a lot of milk being poured.
  • Robust Statue : The fake has a wristwatch on the hand.
  • Rock-Head Statue : If the face is smiling, it is fake. The genuine one has a frown expression.
  • Scary Painting : The genuine one has an angry eyebrow expression while the fake has sad eyebrows or a smiling expression.
  • Scenic Painting : The fake has some dogs and a hunter missing from the right.
  • Serene Painting : The genuine one has a white ermine (small animal) while the fake has brown circles around the ermine eyes.
  • Sinking Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Solemn Painting : The genuine one has the man raise his arm to his chest height versus his head height which is in the fake.
  • Tremendous Statue : The fake is closed with a lid while the genuine one is open.
  • Twinkling Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Valiant Statue : The fake has the left leg forward while the genuine one has her right leg forward.
  • Warm Painting (Always Genuine)
  • Warrior Statue : The fake has a shovel in the statue’s hand instead of nothing in the genuine one.
  • Wild Painting (Left Half) : The fake has a green character instead of white one.
  • Wild Painting (Right Half) : The fake has a light green tint or white character while the real one has a dark green character.
  • Wistful Painting : If the woman’s earring is star-shaped and her eyes are closed, it is fake. The woman wears a pearl earring in the real one.
  • Worthy Painting (Always Genuine)

Hopefully this guide helps you save time and buy only genuine works of art. Redd doesn’t visit too often and you can only buy one work of art per day (even if you visit someone else’s island) so it is worth saving time when possible.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available on Nintendo Switch. Read our review of it here.

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