One of the biggest draws in Resident Evil 3 Remake is the ability to unlock a host of weapons, gear, and modifiers that make subsequent playthroughs a whole lot more entertaining. These include buffs to defence and attack as well as daggers that put Resident Evil 3 Remake’s monsters on fire and rocket launchers with infinite ammo. Here’s how you can unlock them all.

How to unlock the Resident Evil 3 Remake shop

In order to get access to unlockables, you need to finish the game once on any difficulty. Doing so grants you access to the shop. Here you can spend points earned from the game’s challenges such as killing zombies with a specific weapon, on unlockables.

Resident Evil 3 Remake unlockables list

  • Jill STARS Costume (2,000 points) – Jill’s outfit from Resident Evil 1.
  • Recovery Coin (4,000 points) – regenerates health when held. There are two to unlock.
  • Defense Coin (4,000 points) – increases defence when held. There are two to unlock.
  • Attack Coin (4,000 points) – increases attack when held. There are two to unlock.
  • Crafting Companion (4,000 points) – increases the amount of ammo gained while crating.
  • STARS Field Combat Manual (6,400 points) – by Chris Redfield, makes perfect dodge much easier.
  • Hose (2,800 points) – so you don’t have to find it in the campaign.
  • Bolt Cutters (2,800 points) – so you don’t have to find it in the campaign.
  • Hip Pouch (4,800 points) – increases inventory space. There are two to unlock.
  • Lock Pick (2,800 points) – allows you to unlock simple locks when none are available.
  • Hot Dogger (7,200 points) – Umbrella-developed anti-bioweapon knife that leaves targets in flames.
  • Samurai Edge (5,600 points) – 15-shot capacity 9mm handgun. It’s been customised according to Jill’s personal specifications. Excellent across the board, with exceptional accuracy and firepower.
  • MUP Pistol (8,000 points) – pistol with infinite ammo.
  • Rai-Den (12,000 points) – energy weapon with great stopping power when targeted at enemy weak points. Infinite ammo.
  • CQBR Assault Rifle (28,400 points) – rifle with infinite ammo.
  • Rocket Launcher (62,400 points, infinite ammo) – rocket launcher with infinite ammo.

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