With Rune Factory 5 from Marvelous and Xseed Games finally here, players of Rune Factory 4 Special can unlock a nice bonus on Nintendo Switch. This content includes two Rune Factory 4 characters appearing in Rune Factory 5 and cosmetics for the protagonist. Here’s what you need to know about Rune Factory 4 Special save data bonus in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 free DLC from Rune Factory 4 Special save data

If you have save data from Rune Factory 4 Special, you will unlock Doug & Margaret who will visit Rigbarth and two quests. These characters are not eligible marriage candidates.

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How to unlock Lest’s outfit and Frey’s outfit in Rune Factory 5

If you have save data from Rune Factory 4 Special on Nintendo Switch, you will get two Tasks on the Task Board. They are:

  • Those Bullies task: Defeat the orcs to unlock Frey’s Outfit (for female protagonist)
  • Do Something About Those Monsters: Defeat the orcs to unlock Lest’s Outfit (for male protagonist)

You need to defeat two orcs in the area outside Rigbarth to complete both of these. You will be rewarded with a wardrobe as well.

Can you unlock the Rune Factory 5 save data bonus from Rune Factory 4 on PC, PS4, or Xbox?

You cannot until Rune Factory 5 is ported to those platforms. The save data bonus right now only works for Nintendo Switch and the same region versions of the game.

Rune Factory 5 is out now on Nintendo Switch. Read my review here.

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