Idea Factory International just announced two new otome visual novel releases for Nintendo Switch in the form of Amnesia Memories and Amnesia Later X Crowd. The latter is a companion set for Amnesia Memories featuring two games not localized before. Otome fans continue to have great announcements at New Game Plus Expo. Watch the trailer for both games below:

Amnesia Memories and Amnesia Later X Crowd Nintendo Switch physical releases

Both games are getting limited editions. Check the Amnesia Memories limited edition bundle here here and the standard edition bundle here.

Amnesia Memories features:

  • Choose one of five potential love interests at the start of the game, with more than 20 endings
  • Dialogue choices can alter your Affection, Trust, and Suspicion with your love interest. Each choice can pave the way to a Good Ending – or finish in a Bad Ending
  • Use the touch controls to play mini-games like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Air Hockey against your love interests to unlock special artwork. Touch controls can also be used on Gallery images to reveal new romantic dialogue.

Amnesia Later X Crowd features:

  • A companion to Amnesia Memories featuring two games previously only released in Japan.
  • Amnesia: Later – Unlock four different story scenarios starting from the enchanting NEW WORLD. Discover more sides to certain characters and maybe even hear wedding bells…
  • Amnesia: Crowd – Interact with your environment in the thrilling SUSPENSE, then play a variety of café mini-games in WORKING or card games in TRUMP, earning Orion Points to unlock events.

This announcement marks yet another recent otome localization from Idea Factory International. It is good to see IFI get back to otome and I hope this means both Aksys Games and Idea Factory International will keep bringing over these titles from Japan. Check out the official website for the two Switch releases here. Release dates will likely be announced soon.

Amnesia Memories and Amnesia Later X Crowd release this fall for Nintendo Switch. Amnesia Memories is available on PS Vita, PC, and iOS.

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