Arc System Works previously announced that BlazBlue Centralfiction and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle are getting rollback netcode support for online play with the former getting it only on Steam while the latter is to get it on both PS4 and Steam. The Centralfiction netcode update hit PC already, and today the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle version 2.10 rollback update has started rolling out on PS4 and Steam worldwide. Note that maintenance might still be on. Check the schedule here. The download size is 36.97MB on PS4. Watch the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle trailer below:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle version 2.10 rollback netcode update version patch notes

The full patch notes are below:

  • Rollback netcode implementation. (Improvement to online play experience.).

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Rollback Netcode Update for Nintendo Switch

As of now, the rollback netcode update has been announced and released only for PS4 and Steam. Nothing for Nintendo Switch has been announced. If we do get an announcement, I’ll update this. Considering the games with rollback netcode on Nintendo Switch are those that have been designed with it in mind from the start, it looks unlikely for it to be patched in later like with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and other titles.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is now available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. BlazBlue Centralfiction is available on PS4, PS3, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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