Catherine: Full Body released on PS4 in the West (not in India) in September last year. The enhanced remake of the original Catherine that debuted on PS3 and Xbox 360 brought new story content, voice acting, quality of life fixes, puzzles, and more. Atlus West (Atlus USA at the time) opted to only release it on PS4 in the West leaving the PS Vita version of Catherine: Full Body in Japan. A Nintendo Switch version was confirmed in a Nintendo Direct Mini that also revealed the release date of the game. Today, Atlus has announced a release date for the demo in Japan. Watch the trailer below:

Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch demo release date

The demo releases on June 11 in Japan.

Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch English demo release date

An English demo hasn’t been confirmed yet. Expect one to be revealed in the near future.

Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch demo contents

The demo is a special build that lets you play a version of the first two days in-game. This includes anime scenes and puzzles.

Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch demo save transfer

Save transfer will not be possible from the demo to the full version on Nintendo Switch according to the Atlus announcement.

Catherine: Full Body releases on July 7 for Nintendo Switch. It is currently available on PS4. An Indian release has not been confirmed yet.

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