Death end re;Quest 2 from Idea Factory International and Compile Heart released last year on PC via Steam and PS4 in the West. The follow up to Death end re;Quest, which is one of Compile Heart’s better games, debuted in Japan on PS4 and as is the case with most Idea Factory International releases, a PC version has been added for the West with a Switch port also in the works. The original Death end re;Quest had an interesting narrative that blends parallel existences and turn-based combat that had a pool ball-like mechanic. Death End Re; Quest 2 is now hitting Nintendo Switch in the West this February. Watch the Death End Re; Quest 2 trailer below:

Death End Re; Quest 2 Nintendo Switch physical release

Death End Re; Quest 2 has a Calendar Edition with the game, reversible cover, desktop calendar, trading card, and collector’s box. Check it out here. The North American standard edition is here.

Death End Re; Quest 2 Nintendo Switch pre-order discount

You will be able to pre-order Death End Re; Quest 2 on the eShop from January 25. It will be discounted by 20% in North America and 10% in Europe for a limited time. It is priced at $49.99 and includes all DLC from the original PS4 version with the glitch outfits also included.

Death End Re; Quest 2 is out now on PS4 and PC via Steam worldwide. It releases on February 8 for North America and February 11 for Europe on Nintendo Switch.

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