A new update for Death Stranding is now available that patches the timed PS4 exclusive to version 1.07. This finally allows users to change text size in Death Stranding, a much requested feature since launch. The ability to dispose of vehicles, which was also demanded by the game’s vocal community doesn’t seem to be a part of the Death Stranding update version 1.07 if patch notes are to be believed. The Death Stranding update 1.07 download size is 1.062GB.

Death Stranding update 1.07 patch notes

  • Multiple problems fixed
  • Adjustment of the text size: the text size can be changed from the “Options” menu on the Title Screen.
  • Updated save data version
  • Save data created in version 1.07 cannot be used with an earlier version

How to change text size in Death Stranding

With the latest update, you can change the Death Stranding text size in the game’s Options menu in the title screen before starting a new game or resuming an existing one. This results in a much more legible experience according to those still playing it.

If you’re interested in all things Death Stranding or just curious to what all the hype is about, we have you covered. You can also check out our spoiler-free Death Stranding reviewlore guide that explains various terms in its world, beginner’s tips and tricks to get you startedevery celebrity cameo in the game, details on its day one patch, how long it would take to unlock its platinum trophy and much more. A PC version is due in 2020.

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