Live Wire just announced the release date for Cave’s DoDonPachi Resurrection on Nintendo Switch. DoDonPachi Resurrection previously released in arcades, Xbox 360, and mobile platforms. The shoot ’em up arrives next week via the Nintendo eShop and it is the final of the three announcements from Live Wire at E3 2021. Both Mushihimesama and Espgaluda II released on Nintendo Switch in the last few months. Read my reviews of them here and here. Watch the DoDonPachi Resurrection Nintendo Switch trailer below:

DoDonPachi Resurrection Nintendo Switch price

DoDonPachi Resurrection is priced at $19.99 on Nintendo Switch just like Live Wire’s other Cave releases.

DoDonPachi Resurrection Nintendo Switch physical release

Since Mushihimesama got a physical release from Limited Run Games, it is likely DoDonPachi Resurrection might get one in the future.

DoDonPachi Resurrection releases on November 25 for Nintendo Switch. DoDonPachi Resurrection HD+ is also available on Apple Arcade.

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