With TGS 2020 Online having just begun, new trailers and announcements have already begun rolling in. The first announcement comes from Square Enix for Dragon Quest XI S. Dragon Quest XI S debuted on Nintendo Switch and it is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms this December. The Dragon Quest XI S TGS 2020 gameplay trailer also reveals that the game is coming to the Epic Games Store alongside other storefronts on PC. On PC, you will be able to play Dragon Quest XI S on Steam, Xbox Game Pass PC, Microsoft Store, and now the Epic Games Store. Watch the Dragon Quest XI S TGS 2020 trailer below:  

Dragon Quest XI S physical release in India

Details for the Dragon Quest XI S PS4 India physical release are here.

Dragon Quest XI S India price

Dragon Quest XI S is priced at Rs. 2,499 on the PS StoreMicrosoft Store, and Steam.

Dragon Quest XI S pre-order bonus

As of now, purchases on the PS Store include a static theme. Nothing else has been confirmed for early or digital purchases as of this writing.

Dragon Quest XI S is now available on Nintendo Switch. It releases on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Epic Games Store, and Steam on December 4.

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