Capcom released Exoprimal worldwide on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Steam month. I enjoyed my time with it quite a bit despite the issues and slow opening. Read my Exoprimal PS5 review here. Today, Capcom released the Exoprimal Free Title Update 1 with the download size under 4GB for all platforms. This update brings in Alpha Variant Suits that can be unlocked for free, boss battles coming to Savage Gauntlet, and much more. Watch the Exoprimal launch trailer below:

Exoprimal Free Title Update 1 download size

The download size per platform is below:

  • Xbox Series X|S: 3.1GB
  • Xbox One: 2.9GB
  • Windows Store: 3.1GB
  • PlayStation 5: 3.3GB
  • PlayStation 4: 3.2GB
  • Steam: 1.9GB

Exoprimal Overdrive Kit Volume 1 DLC pack contents and price

This DLC pack is available for $39.99.

Exoprimal Free Title Update 1 patch notes and contents

The following has been revealed by Capcom:

New Content and Features

Introducing Alpha variant exosuits!

– Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire 
– Zephyr Alpha: Energy Chakram 
– Barrage Alpha: Rocket Hop 
– Vigilant Alpha: Marksman 
– Roadblock Alpha: Fortress Shield 
– Krieger Alpha: Charge Shotgun 
– Murasame Alpha: Frost Glaive 
– Witchdoctor Alpha: Duality Beam 
– Skywave Alpha: Thunderclap 
– Nimbus Alpha: Double Barrel
These exosuit variants feature weapons that differ from their default counterparts and allow for different playstyles. 
Alpha suits can be purchased with BikCoins after increasing the suit level of a default suit to level 20. You can also use Early Unlock Tickets to unlock Alpha variants.

New modules have been added. Take advantage of 34 new modules that can be unlocked by increasing player level and Alpha variant exosuit level. 

Boss Battles are coming to Savage Gauntlet.  

From this Title Update on, excruciatingly difficult 5-person PvE boss battle missions will be added to the Savage Gauntlet rotation. Check the information site for more info on when these boss battles will be available, and take on the Gauntlet with your team!

New items for the following categories can be obtained from War Chests.New exosuit skins, weapon skins, decals, charms, stamps, emotes, emblems, and player icon backgrounds can be obtained from War Chests.  

New medals have been added.   

New awards have been added, and the design for some awards has been changed. 

Some menus and portions of the UI have been slightly adjusted. 

– A respawn timer has been added next to the allied exosuit display in the bottom left of the screen. 
– You can now toggle between allied and enemy team members at the results screen that displays after Commendations are awarded. 
– You can now check a medal’s score and Suit EXP values at the results screen that displays after Commendations are awarded. 
– The amount of BikCoins granted by a Suit Level reward is now visible at the Exosuit Status screen in the Hangar. 
– The slot number corresponding to a currently equipped module is now displayed on the module list at the Rigs & Module screen in the Hangar.

Bug Fixes & Balance Adjustments

Savage GauntletAn issue was detected where some players experienced a discrepancy between the rank displayed in the game and the rewards granted to some players whose clear times are very close to the cutoff time for a given rank. Details here.

We will be redistributing rank awards to any players who experienced this bug at the rewards screen during Savage Gauntlet Trials 1–3.

Exosuit Adjustments   


  • Fixed a bug where using Deadeye’s standard attack right after using the Thrust Attack ability would occasionally result in projectiles firing at a location other than where players were aiming.
  • Fixed a bug in values for the increased cooldown time for the D – Reload Dodge module.(Occurred in Arabic only)


  • Fixed a bug where Skipbomber projectiles would occasionally pass through Krieger’s Dome Shield under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where players would eliminate themselves with damage from Triple Threat.
  • Fixed a bug where Stun Grenade would occasionally deal two hits to large dinosaurs. 
  • Fixed a bug where enemies using Roadblock’s Ballistic Wall or the Shield rig would not be stunned if they were hit by the Stun Grenade from behind. 
  • Fixed a bug where players would occasionally receive the Flapjack medal twice when burning and flipping over an Ankylosaurus.


  • Fixed a bug where enemies using Roadblock’s Ballistic Wall or the Shield rig would not be frozen if they were hit by Frost Lock from behind.


  • Fixed a bug where, under certain conditions, Roadblock’s Storm Drive would not kill Pteranodons despite dealing damage to them.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that occurred when Skywave activated De-Synchronize while Roadblock’s Storm Drive was active.


  • Made Todesregen laser pointer more visible so that players can tell whether it is hitting the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where the impact point of Todesregen projectiles would differ greatly from the location the laser was pointed at.


  • Fixed a bug where, under certain conditions, Crescent Moon would not hit some small dinosaurs.
  • Fixed a bug where Murasame would occasionally become locked in the Vajra Counter stance and unable to sprint.


  • Fixed a bug that occurred in network environments with limited bandwidth where Repair Field’s effect would not activate even though its number of uses would be reduced.


  • Fixed a bug where attacks from Skywave’s Aether Lance would only damage one enemy in a group of enemies clustered together.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Catapult rig during Air Supremacy prevented Skywave from returning to Air Supremacy.


  • Fixed a bug where Nimbus could not damage enemies when attacking while near the enemy Data Key.


  • Fixed a bug where Barrage’s B – Boost Grenade module did not properly increase Skipbomber damage dealt to some enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Stinger Shot’s cooldown time would not be reduced when killing multiple hostile exofighters with a single Stinger Shot while Vigilant’s V- Finishing Streak module is equipped.


  • Fixed a bug where using the Charge attack while controlling a Carnotaurus with a Dominator would occasionally cause damage values to display twice.
  • Fixed a bug where players could occasionally pass through Krieger’s Dome Shield while controlling a Carnotaurus with the Dominator.
  • Fixed a bug where damage values would not display when attacking enemy Crafts with a Dominator.

Enemy Adjustments

  • Fixed a bug where Pteranodons appearing from vortexes would occasionally take zero damage from Vigilant’s Railgun Charge.
  • Fixed a bug where the Neo Ankylosaurus would occasionally take zero damage from attacks that hit its tail.
  • Fixed a bug where the Neo Ankylosaurus would not be downed even after two of its growths had been destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where the T. rex’s Roar ability would cause Frost Lock and Stun Grenade projectiles to explode earlier than intended. 

Game Mode Adjustments

  • Fixed a bug that affected the way the Omega Hammer carrier icon was displayed to players controlling a Dominator in Omega Charge.
  • Fixed a bug where unexpected chat log behavior would occur when players placed a marker on a hostile exofighter that had just been marked by another player.
  • Fixed a bug where behavior for placing markers differed between the Firing Range and actual matches.

UI Adjustments

  • Fixed a bug where damage value displays for some weapons overlapped with one another.
  • Fixed a bug where an ally’s username would briefly appear when relenquishing control of a Dominator even though the Display Ally Name option was set to Hide.

A number of other, smaller bugs have also been fixed.

Exoprimal Steam Deck Playable

While it isn’t Steam Deck Verified, Exoprimal is marked as Playable because it sometimes shows non Steam Deck controller icons and has some text that is difficult to read on the small screen. Hopefully Capcom can sort these so it can be Steam Deck Verified like Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4 soon.

Exoprimal post launch roadmap

The post launch roadmap is below:

Exoprimal Season 2 date and Street Fighter 6 collaboration

Exoprimal Season 2 kicks off in mid-October 2023 and will feature the next title update, which brings in the Street Fighter 6 collaboration. This season also adds in a new map and Final Mission, plus more rigs and modules.

Exoprimal Season 3 date and Monster Hunter collaboration

In January 2024, Exoprimal Season 3 will see Beta variant Exosuits added. This season will also add a new foe to battle, the Neo Triceratops. A Monster Hunter collaboration will be included in Season 3.

Exoprimal is out now wolrdwide for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. It is also in Xbox Game Pass from day one. Check it out on Steam here.

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