Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was one of the surprise leaks and announcements of E3 2019. Slated for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered doesn’t have a concrete release date outside of a 2019 window. Fans wondered if the upcoming retelling of the adventures of Squall, Zell, Selphie, and friends would sport music from the Steam re-release. Reason being, it’s thought to be subpar versus the original PS1 release due to having different MIDI compositions in its soundtrack. Thankfully, developer Dotemu confirmed this won’t be the case. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will use the music originally found on the PS1 version of the game.

The remaster includes improved visuals, updated character models, and more. It also looks like Square Enix is giving it a retail release. Read about that here.

Dotemu is handling the remaster with Square Enix. Dotemu has worked on some fantastic ports of old games and remasters to current systems over the last few years. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered arrives this year for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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