The God Eater 3 version 2.30 update is out now for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It brings various new additions to the game ranging from new missions across all categories and new cosmetics and abandoned God Arcs. The God Eater 3 version 2.20 update download size is 2.921GB on PS4. It has been great seeing an excellent game get so much post launch support. Watch the trailer for the patch below:

God Eater 3 version 2.30 patch notes

Standard Missions: Added new missions to the “Extra” section.
Extra Episode: Added new episodes to “Traversing the Past.”
Certification Missions: Added new Certification Missions.
Time Attack Missions: Added new Time Attack Missions.
Special Missions: Added new missions to the “Requiests from Gleipnir” and “Challenge to the Hounds” section.

Abandoned God Arcs: Added Abandoned God Arcs with new skills. These can be obtained from certain highly difficult missions.

Avatar Additions:

Added new items for the Accessory A slot: Devil Horns, Marduk Gold, Phym’s Halo.

Added new items for the Accessory B slot: Blush, Face Mask 3, Phym’s Horn.

Certain items need to be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.

Added new outfits:

Male: Fleet Beach, Grace Beach, Blush Beach, Mellow Beach.
Female: Astraea Frill, Nereid Frill, Artemis Frill, Siren Frill

Bug Fixes: Fixed various issues to provide a better gaming experience.

God Eater 3 is now available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Read our review of it here.

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