Following the Monster Hunter Rise videos for weapons in Sunbreak earlier for Great Sword, Hammer, Insect Glaive, Heavy Bowgun, Sword & Shield, and Switch Axe, Capcom has released videos for Hunting Horn, Gunlance, Charge Blade, and Bow and followed that up with Lance and Long Sword. Read my review of the base game here on Nintendo Switch and here on PC. The new weapon showcase videos today feature new silkbind abilites, combos, and a lot more for Dual Blades and Light Bowgun. Watch the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon videos for Dual Blades and Light Bowgun below:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak physical edition release

There will be a bundle of the base game and Sunbreak. This includes the Standard Edition of Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion (included as a digital voucher in the physical version). The same edition has been confirmed for North America, Europe, and Japan. It is disappointing that the expansion is a digital code.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds new monsters, returning monsters like Astalos, subspecies, and new locales like the Citadel in addition to new quests, a Master Rank, gameplay elements, and more. This is the Iceborne / Master Rank / G Rank / Ultimate equivalent for Monster Hunter Rise. If you missed the Collector’s Edition news, read this. Check out the official website here. I’m curious to see what Capcom reveals after the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon videos for each weapon are live.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases in on June 30 for PC and Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is out now worldwide on Nintendo Switch and is out on January 12, 2022 for PC via Steam.

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