Nioh 2 from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo is one of the games we are looking forward to playing this year. While the various editions and pre-order details have been announced for a while for other regions, the release date for the physical edition in India was unknown until now. Thanks to a listing from specialist games retailer Games The Shop, we now know that the Nioh 2 India price is Rs. 3,999. As of now, pre-order bonuses have not been mentioned and there is no listing for the Nioh 2 Special Edition. Watch the trailer for Nioh 2 below:

Is Nioh 2 coming to PC

As of now, Nioh 2 has only been announced for PS4. It is possible that the game will be brought to PC via Steam once all the DLC has released on PS4 just like the port for the first game.

Nioh 2 releases on March 13 for PS4.

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