The Nioh Collection has released worldwide last month for PS5 and it includes Nioh Remastered – The Complete Edition and Nioh 2 Remastered – The Complete Edition on two discs. Around the Nioh Collection release date, IGN India spoke to multiple sources in the supply chain who claim the collection published by Sony on PS5 physically and digitally will not be releasing here at retail. Today, retailer MCube Games has listed the collection for Rs. 5,999 with a March 22 release date for India with pre-orders now live. The Nioh Collection is available digitally at Rs. 4,999 which is Sony India’s price band for $69.99. Watch the trailer for the collection below:

MCube Games confirmed to The Mako Reactor that The Nioh Collection on PS5 will be Region 2 which means you will be able to transfer over your PS4 save if you played through Nioh and Nioh 2 purchased on the PS Store in India or using the physical discs released officially through Sony in 2017 and 2020.

I played both Nioh Remastered and Nioh 2 Remastered for my PlayStation 5 review and found both to be worth upgrades that make good use of the DualSense controller features and PS5 hardware. Read my PS5 review here.

Nioh 2 PS4 to PS5 upgrade and save transfer

If you own Nioh 2 on PS4 with or without DLC, you can upgrade to the same edition’s remaster on PS5 through Sony’s upgrade program. If you own Nioh 2 DLC as well, you need to add the Nioh 2 DLC’s PS5 version to your library to be able to access it. Your Nioh 2 PS4 save can be transferred to the PS5 version from the in-game system menu option to upload and download assuming you have updated your game

The Nioh Collection is out now on PS5 worldwide. For details on Nioh 2 for PC, read this.

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