After the astounding success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom appears to be working on a new Resident Evil game. According to a website launched by the company, a new title named Project Resistance is in the works with the ‘R’ and ‘E’ coloured differently compared to the rest of the title just like you’d expect in a Resident Evil logo. The publisher states that Project Resistance will be playable at TGS 2019 from September 12 to September 15 and a teaser trailer for it will go live on September 9 at 3pm UTC (8:30pm IST).

Previously, Capcom announced ports of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 for Nintendo Switch during E3 2019 for a Fall 2019 release which was then confirmed for an October 29 release date. And a day after this announcement, the firm revealed that its megahit Resident Evil 4 was slated for an Xbox Game Pass launch.

The focus on Resident Evil should come as no surprise. Despite Monster Hunter World being Capcom’s biggest seller to date, five of its 10 biggest sellers to date belong to the seminal horror franchise.

Capcom Million Seller List 2019

  1. Monster Hunter World 13.1 million
  2. Resident Evil 5 7.5 million
  3. Resident Evil 6 7.3 million
  4. Resident Evil 7 6.6 million
  5. Street Fighter 2 6.3 million
  6. Resident Evil 2 (PS1 version) 4.96 million
  7. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 4.9 million
  8. Resident Evil 2 (2019 version) 4.5 million
  9. Monster Hunter X 4.3 million
  10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 4.2 million
SOURCEProject Resistance (official site)
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