Capcom just released Street Fighter V: Champion Edition version 3.04 on both PS4 and Steam. Unlike most updates for the game that usually are full client downloads, this one follows the 3.03 update and is a small download on PS4 and Steam. The update includes new costumes, a lot of network adjustments, battle lounge spectator updates, and more. Watch the latest trailer for the game below:

Street Fighter V Champion Edition version 3.04 patch notes

With the conclusion of the 10/13/2020 server maintenance, Street Fighter V was updated to Ver. 05.051.


  • Costumes: SFL 2020 NASR Costume Pack (Rashid, Akuma, Zeku) and SFL 2020 UYU Costume Pack (Rashid, Akuma, Seth)

Network Adjustments

  • As of the 2/19/2020 update, game lag would be synced during matches.
  • Steps have been taken to mitigate one-sided rollback, but if the connection between both players is unstable,
  • synchronization during temporary network delays could result in frequent pauses during matches. One-sided rollback will be permitted during temporary fluctuations in network connections, and other adjustments have been made to further prevent pauses when the game is attempting to sync. 
  • Before: Changed to check opponent’s ping every second instead of an average ping over 8 seconds.
  • After: Rolled back the change so that the average ping over 8 seconds is calculated instead of checking ping every second.
  • Lag could occur immediately after the start of a match,
  • so matches are now synched from the beginning of round call to minimize early lag.
  • Reduced the processing load during the battle.


  • Battle Lounge spectators can now tell if the match they are going to spectate is a P2P or relay connection depending on the icon.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition version 3.03 update download size

The download size is 163.3MB on PS4.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available on PS4 and Steam. Read my review here.

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