Monster Hunter Rise is out now on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC platforms worldwide including Steam and the Microsoft store. Read my Switch review here, PC review here, and PS5 review here. In addition to adding new mechanics, it also improves on some ideas introduced in Monster Hunter World. When it comes to mounting and turf wars, Monster Hunter Rise changes Monster Hunter World’s turf war system with the addition of wyvern riding. Monster Hunter Rise’s wyvern riding lets you take control of a monster like a puppeteer and make them attack other monsters or ram into the wall and other parts of a map.

Wyvern riding is almost as essential as the wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise with how much it helps you deal damage and end hunts sooner. Wyvern riding also gets you more materials through monster drops. Here’s what you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise’s wyvern riding and why you should do it at every opportunity.

How to make monsters mountable in Monster Hunter Rise for wyvern riding

The first thing to keep in mind is ensuring you can mount a monster to ride them. You can do this by dealing damage with the wirebug, finding a puppet spider, or discovering a monster that has just run into another in a short battle. When you attack using silkbind (wirebug) attacks or using jumping attacks with the wirebug, it visually displays this to you with a special background around the damage numbers.

How to ride monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise wyvern riding is not just a great spectacle to behold with the larger monsters but also essential to getting more materials, dealing additional damage, and more. When a monster is in a mountable state, press A near it to ride. Hold R and move the left stick to control the monster. 

How to attack while riding a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

You can use light and heavy attacks through X andA (these vary depending on the monster) and also evade using B that consumes a wirebug through an emergency evade. Pressing Y will launch the monster you are riding ahead. You can use this to deal damage to both monsters or just deal damage to the monster you are riding near a wall when no other monster is near.

Monster Hunter Rise wyvern riding mounted punisher explained

As you are riding a monster and damaging the other monster, the mounting gauge fills up. When this is full, you can unleash a mounted punisher that lets you deal massive damage and usually use a monster’s signature attack on the other monster.

How to continue to ride a monster after launching in Monster Hunter Rise

You can regain footing by pressing B immediately after launching a monster into a wall. This lets you repeat and do the whole launching into a wall for dealing damage three times in total. 

Monster Hunter Rise is out now on worldwide. Read my Switch review here, PC review here, and PS5 review here.

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