Monster Hunter Rise is finally out worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox platforms, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Read my Switch review here, PC review here, and PS5 review here. The newest Monster Hunter game brings a lot of new mechanics to the franchise and it is an absolute joy to play. Read my review here. While not as accessible as Monster Hunter World and Iceborne, Monster Hunter Rise is a perfect entry point and one of the best games you can play on Nintendo Switch right now. If you’re planning on getting it and have played earlier games or are completely new to Monster Hunter, this Monster Hunter Rise tips and tricks guide will help you out in the early parts of the game with the basics and some mid-game mechanics covered. Here’s what you need to know.

Eat before quests in Monster Hunter Rise

This is the most important thing for not just beginners but everyone who plays Monster Hunter Rise. Go to the canteen and eat a meal to give yourself bonus health and stamina in addition to various food effects like better healing, elemental resistance, and more. Meals cost 200 Zenny or 100 Kamura Points. You can even set up combinations of Dango here for intended effects to save time on your hunts.

Try different food combinations at the canteen in Monster Hunter Rise

Whenever you eat before a quest, make sure to try out different combinations of Dango so you can identify interesting combinations to plan for your next hunt(s). You will also see how useful certain food skills are for your hunting style and in general.

Monster Hunter Rise endemic life guide

Monster Hunter Rise introduces a big focus on endemic life (small lifeforms in a map) where you unlock stat boosts for the hunt, additional wirebugs, healing, and other buffs through interacting with endemic life. It takes a while to find them all and your best bet is exploring the maps so you can identify the best path of action for you to follow when you go on a hunt in a specific map to get the maximum buffs and boosts to your stats.

How to make money easily in Monster Hunter Rise

You earn a lot of money through quests but also use a lot when you forge armor and weapons. At the Argosy in the Buddy Plaza,, you can trade Kamura Points for trade-in materials like special ore that fetches a good price. Make sure to check the Argosy after every quest or two so you can keep trading in a few points for high value ore you can sell. If you have a ton of a specific ore or bone, you can sell those for money as well so you never run out of Zenny.

Monster Hunter Rise – how to progress the story and level up hunter rank

Don’t try and rush through the story because you will not be ready for the more difficult monsters. Once you’re confident in your skills in your current quest difficulty level, finish the key quests indicated with a red symbol and then unlock the urgent quest. Finishing urgent quests will get you to the next hunter rank tier. As you progress through different hunter ranks, you can pick four or five out of multiple quest options to progress. Go with whatever feels best for you and you will be moving up the ranks.

Monster Hunter Rise armor skills explained

Unlike games before Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise follows the armor skill system from Monster Hunter World which means armor pieces have their own skills. You can also add more skills through decorations, mixing and matching armor parts, and more. You can view the armor skills through the status menu or at the smithy or an item box by selecting manage equipment and then change equipment by cycling through the pages using ZR and ZL. Press R3 or the right analog stick when you’re in the forging armor menu to view the skills it has and the various levels of bonuses. 

Monster Hunter Rise radial menu tips

If you skipped Monster Hunter World, you missed out on a great quality of life feature: the radial menu. This saves you from switching between different items to get to your healing with a more modern interface that uses the analog stick to quickly select an item or a crafting skill. Spend a bit of time customising this so you don’t waste time during hunts cycling through items when you want to heal.

Monster Hunter Rise armorcharm and powercharm for easy attack and defense boosts

Just like earlier games, you eventually get the ability to buy the powercharm and armorcharm at the merchant in Monster Hunter Rise. Having these in your item pouch while on a hunt will give you an attack and defense boost. You can also upgrade these through the crafting list with one late game monster drop. The full crafting requirements, stats, and money needed are here but beware of spoilers for that specific late game monster in the guide.

Monster Hunter Rise item loadouts are important

Once you start getting into the groove of hunting and know what items you’d like to have on each hunt, register the items as a loadout so you can quickly restock before a quest. This saves you the trouble of manually adding each item to your bag every time. Make sure you restock before a quest or at camp so you don’t run out of healing in the middle of a hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise – how to fast travel in Kamura Village

When you start out, you need to visit each individual location in Kamura Village. Once you’ve visited a location, you can fast travel to it by pressing the ‘-’ button and then selecting the location. You can only fast travel once you’ve already been there once so make sure you visit every location first.

Monster Hunter Rise rampage tips and tricks

The rampage in Monster Hunter Rise is a new type of quest that replaces the annoying siege-like quests in prior games. This is a tower defense-style quest that has you setting up installations to take on hordes of monsters and protect the gate. There are different waves that end in a powerful aggressor or an Apex monster later on. Your aim initially is to set up installations and keep an eye on things. Once the counter signal bell is rung, go down from the installation platforms and attack the monsters yourself. Take care of the blue icon monsters first since they go after the gate directly. For a detailed Monster Hunter Rise rampage guide, read this.

Monster Hunter Rise optional subquests

Monster Hunter Rise has optional subquests that involve gathering, slaying, riding monsters, breaking parts, and more. These reward you with Kamura Points, armor spheres, and other items. Make sure to keep turning these in automatically when you talk to the quest giver in the hub or the village.

Monster Hunter Rise requests and side quests

These quests involve you turning in specific items or delivering groups of items to unlock new camps, weapon designs, NPC progression, and more. You can view these from the quests tab in the main menu while in-game. You get more automatically during progression and when talking to certain NPCs.

Talk to NPCs for new quests and rewards in Monster Hunter Rise

As mentioned above, make sure to talk to any NPCs with a blue or yellow text bubble. If an NPC in a specific area wants to give you something or tell you something, you can view it in the fast travel menu with coloured bubbles in the area list.

Monster Hunter Rise melding pot explained – how to craft charms

The melding pot in Monster Hunter Rise can be accessed at merchants. You use this to meld talismans that give you various skills or decoration slots. The early portions of Monster Hunter Rise include the ability to meld weaker talismans and you unlock more melding types with gameplay progress. The more powerful skills have lower rates of unlocking. You can even meld random talismans together. These were craftable in Monster Hunter World and in Monster Hunter Rise, they are RNG-based.

Monster Hunter Rise decorations explained – crafting, attack boost, and more skills

Unlike Monster Hunter World which had you farming specific quests for decorations, Monster Hunter Rise lets you craft decorations. The more powerful decorations like attack boost require high rank monster quest rewards. You unlock the ability to craft decorations after making progress in the story towards higher tier quests.

Use submarines and the Meowcenaries in Monster Hunter Rise

Both the Meowcenaries and submarines in the Buddy Plaza (also accessible in other places) can help you get monster drops, farm specific items like honey and berries, and more. Make sure to visit these two after every few quests.

Buy items at a discount in Monster Hunter Rise 

Every few quests, the merchant in the village and the hub will have a limited time discount. This lasts until the next quest and you can get a big discount on just about everything the merchant sells. Make sure to only buy items during these discount periods because Zenny (money) is hard to come by initially and you find yourself spending a lot on upgrading and crafting gear.

Monster Hunter Rise buddies and why you should hire more buddies

When you start out in Monster Hunter Rise, you have a palamute and a palico. Make sure you hire more of each so you can send them on gathering trips in the submarines or through the meowcenaries. This will let you not just get more buddies (required for certain quests) but also earn items quicker.

Monster Hunter Rise online multiplayer tips

When you go into a lobby with random people, pay attention to what they want to do before posting your own quest. Many lobbies (up to four players) usually do “turns rooms” which means each hunter takes a turn to post a quest of their choice before another gets their own chance and you all help each other out. Monster Hunter is all about helping others so make sure to be considerate of others’ time when you join their session.

Monster Hunter Rise weapon forging and upgrading

While you obviously want to progress with the story and likely play with friends, don’t forget to upgrade or forge new weapons often so you continue to get higher attack. In the early parts of the game, keep focussing on a higher attack stat as you get used to the weapon, the wirebug, and more

Monster Hunter Rise forge and upgrade armor 

Just like upgrading and forging weapons, don’t forget to do the same for armor at the smithy so you can take more hits before you return to camp after you cart(die). If you’d like to get a nice early set, focus on exploring the maps and mining and gathering bones to craft decent early sets before you start doing the same from hunting monsters. 

Monster Hunter Rise easy high rank armor set

Once you hit high rank, go on a few expeditions or just hunts and gather materials through mining and bone piles. This will let you craft a good early high rank set with decent stats to use over your low rank gear.

Monster Hunter Rise wyvern riding is important 

Wyvern riding is a new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise that replaces mounting monsters. When you deal enough damage to a monster using wirebug attacks or jumping with a wirebug and attacking, a visual indication of a blue background around damage numbers indicates a silkbind attack. Doing these will make a monster mountable. If two monsters have a turf war, one becomes mountable. Ride a monster to deal immense damage not just to it through launching it into walls or other monsters but also to damage another monster and get more monster materials. For a more detailed guide on Monster Hunter Rise wyvern riding, read this.

Monster Hunter Rise wirebug tips

The wirebug is the focus of a lot of things in Monster Hunter Rise. You use it to navigate, traverse through the new maps, and also in new attacks. Before taking on the difficult monsters, I’d recommend spending some time experimenting with the wirebug in the training area. You can also do the training quest to learn the ins and outs of the wirebug often. If you find it hard initially, focus on launching yourself upwards and attacking monsters before getting into the more difficult to time attacks and combos.

Monster Hunter Rise expedition tours to gather

You will need a lot of ore, bones, herbs, mushrooms, and more in Monster Hunter Rise. You don’t need to keep going on quests to do this while you hunt another monster. You can go on an expedition tour from the quest menu to just focus on gathering with no timer to worry about. Do this often not just to gather but also to learn the ins and outs of each of the new maps in Monster Hunter Rise.

Scan amiibo daily for free items in Monster Hunter Rise

This Monster Hunter Rise tips and tricks feature is only on Switch. While you can unlock special layered armor through Monster Hunter Rise amiibo, you can also get free item sets through a daily lottery that can be done up to three times a day. You earn a single lottery entry by scanning an amiibo once. The lottery rewards range from traps, demondrugs, different bombs, and more. Do this so you have a lot of items to get you by in the early and late parts of Monster Hunter Rise.

Hopefully my Monster Hunter Rise tips and tricks helped you get the most out of the early parts of the base game.

Hopefully those get you through the early parts of Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise is out now on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC platforms including Steam and the Microsoft Store. Read my Switch review here, PC review here, and PS5 review here.

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