we featured Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown in our Best Games of 2019Best Xbox One Games of 2019, and Best PC Games of 2019 features. We even selected Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown as our best soundtrack of 2019. Following the Top Gun Maverick Aircraft DLC recently, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the Ace Combat 7 version 2.20 update on all platforms bringing in Idolmaster emblems, 14 new skins, and more. The update download size is 344MB on PS4. Watch the 3rd anniversary update trailer showcasing the skins and emblems below:

Ace Combat 7 version 2.20 update patch notes

Added 14 new skins, 17 new emblems, and 1 new nickname.
Skins, emblems, and nicknames can be viewed by choosing “Select a Skin,” “Select an Emblem,” and “Select a Nickname,” respectively.
Note: Skins and emblems can only be changed in campaign mode after completing campaign mode once.
Nicknames cannot be changed in campaign mode. In multiplayer mode, skins, emblems, and nicknames can be changed from the beginning.
14 New Skins: F-14A Tomcat Wardog Skin, F-14A Tomcat Razgriz Skin, F-14D Super Tomcat Wardog Skin, F-15 S/MTD Dision Skin, F-22A Raptor General Resource Skin, F-22A Raptor Dision Skin, Gripen E Splinter Camo Skin, Mirage 2000-5 Prototype Color Skin, MiG-29A Fulcrum UPEO Skin, Rafale M Shining Wing Skin, Su-37 Terminator UPEO Skin, Su-47 Berkut UPEO Skin, Typhoon Prototype Color Skin, and XFA-27 Glowing Green Skin
17 New Emblems: The emblems include many from THE IDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASON like Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi, Miki Hoshii, Nana Abe, Ranko Kanzaki, Mika Jougasaki, Mirai Kasuga, Shizuka Mogami, Tsubasa Ibuki, Rinze Morino, Amana Osaki, Tenka Osaki, Kohaku Okuzora, and also ACE COMBAT 7 3rd Anniversary, 25th Anniversary Nugget Antares, 25th Anniversary Nugget War Wolf, and 25th Anniversary Nugget Reaper.
1 New Nickname PHOENIX
The following adjustments were made: Miscellaneous text updates, Updated the skin design of some aircraft, fixed minor issues.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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