NIS America just announced a PC port of Disgaea 4 Complete Plus. Disgaea 4 Complete Plus is an enhanced version of Disgaea 4 that brings in newer features and additional content over the original. It debuted on PS4 and Nintendo Switch last year. Read our review of it here. The PC version will launch not only on Steam but also Xbox Game Pass for PC which is surprising. This will be NIS America’s first Xbox Game Pass release. Watch the trailer below:

Disgaea 4 Complete Plus network features list

Post-launch, Disgaea 4 Complete Plus on PC will get the following features:

  • Map Editor: Users can arrange terrain, characters, and objects to create their own original, unique maps. The ability to upload their maps and play other users’ creations will be available early 2021.
  • Pirates: Users can combine ship parts and arrange characters to create an original pirate ship and crew, then upload their pirates to fight other players. Additionally, uploaded pirates can also show up in the Item World to either attack or support the player that encounters them!
  • Foreign and Defense Ministers: Users can appoint a “Foreign Minister” to appear in other players’ Dark Assemblies to sway the voting process, and summon another user’s  “Defense Minister” to help them in battle.
  • Netherbattle Tournament: Users can upload their characters to four classes and challenge unique online stages by creating a battle party with other players’ characters.
  • Everybody’s Netherworld Records: Players can upload their data to contribute to 12 stat categories that compile everybody’s total progress.
  • Pirate Trial: Users can engage in trials with their Pirates and upload their results for ranking and receive rewards the following week depending on their ranking.
  • Ranking Battle: Users can engage in a themed battle (themes are rotated weekly) and upload their score to the ranking boards. Ranking Points (RP) will be awarded according to the user’s ranking, which they can exchange for items at the Ranking Shop.

Disgaea 4 Complete Plus is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It releases this Fall on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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